First of all let me congratulate you for your phenomenal device. You have managed to put together a system that is really unique perhaps because of its simplicity. It has helped me in many unexpected ways. First, though I am a man, and not gay, I always wanted to be fondled on the back door and had difficulty finding a partner willing/or able to do such job at the moment I needed it. I found I was more stable, more balanced, less frustrated and really more happy with my life when I could have an internal massage. Now I can satisfy that hunger I had for many years and feel I am a new man.

For me, it does the trick. It is the most important device I have purchased for sexual stimulation. Your device is so smart; It allows me to adjust the stroke, the strength as well as the penetration and speed effortlessly by simply swinging back and forth. What could be simpler or easier! One important factor is that it does not have a motor or engine I would be at the mercy of. And of course the most important feature is that it is totally silent. What a joy to be able to use it at any time, knowing that no one is alerted to the fact.

I am a board-certified Gynecologist. I have used and evaluated the Monkey Rocker. I am quite impressed with both the function and construction quality of the machine. Both the ergonomics and the geometry of motion seem to be nearly perfect. This is quite a feat to get it so right. In fact, it is the best of such machines that I have ever evaluated. In my opinion, this machine would be of benefit and enjoyment to anyone wishing to explore what this device can offer. Because it is so very good, I also believe it represents a bargain.
-Dr. L

My wife tried an imitation product at a bachelorette party. The product was unstable and cumbersome to use. We bought the "original" Monkey Rocker and she LOVES IT. It is truly worth every penny in craftmanshiip and durability.

I picked up the Monkey Rocker today. Even though the top of the box was ripped, it arrived in perfect condition because you did a great job packaging it for transport. The product is as advertised. I truly believe this is a quality product, well built with quality components. Well done. It is amazing what one can find on the internet these days. I was a little concerned about spending that kind of money on a product unseen, but you have delivered. Thank you.

My Monkey Rocker arrived on Friday according to plan and in perfect shape. I can now understand why you are proud of your invention: It is amazing! I hope I can get to a point where I can stay away from it for more than a few hours, it's so addictive. One of the neat things is that I have not had so much freedom to explore that sort of stimulation before. The fact that the Monkey Rocker leaves my hands free for other things is just great. I also got the bright idea to use my Venus 2000 at the same time as the Monkey Rocker for a total 'hands-free' experience. Ironically, it turns out that was too much stimulation- I could do one or the other, not both. But I am looking forward to further exploration of that boundary, as well. Next on the horizon is e-stim in combination... I can only imagine that you are swamped with Christmas orders! Good luck keeping up.

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