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Monkey Rocker Solo™ Advantages:
Lightweight and compact (25 lbs)
No electricity or complicated setup
Completely silent operation ensures privacy
Thrusting is controlled entirely by you
Easily vary the sensation and speed
Perfect for anal play because it's so easy to control
No worry about unwanted pain or health risks

Q: Do people really use this thing?
A: Absolutely. As of 2020 I've been creating and shipping Monkey Rocker™ sex machines all over the world for 16 years.

Q: Are you trying to make men obsolete?
A: Absolutely not. People still need human contact and companionship. Most of our customers use it to augment or spice up their sex lives. You may be surprised to learn that it works great as a supplement to foreplay!

Q: Isn't it just an expensive dildo holder?
A: It's so much more than that. By holding and moving your favorite toy without you having to use your hands, you enjoy the sensation of a partner who can read your mind about just how you want them to move in the moment.

Q: Does it fold up or disassemble for storage?
A: No, but its small footprint means it can fit in a closet or armoire, or you can store it in the high-quality unmarked box we ship it to you in.

Q: What kind of toys can I use with it?
A: Your Monkey Rocker Solo™ ships with a removable adapter to attach most dildos with a hole in the base. Also included are small, medium and large rubber O-rings that allow you to attach almost any flexibe, flared-base dildo. High-quality silicone toys are usually available in a flared-base style for use with harnesses. They work great with Monkey Rocker Solo™.

Q: How hard is it to rock?
A: It takes almost no effort to rock. In fact, a light push with a finger tip will get it rocking.

Q: Do I have to use the handle?
A: No, though you can use the handle to help control the motion. The machine rocks so easily your feet don't even have to touch the floor. Just shifting the position of your body creates movement.

Q: Does it matter which way I face?
A: It affects the sensation, so choose the direction you like best. Face the handle to feel more like being on top facing your partner. Face away from the handle to feel more like sex from behind. Some people prefer one or the other, and most enjoy both. Many dildos have a bend that can face forward or back. By changing the way you face, and/or the way the dildo faces, you can easily create a variety of sensations.

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