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Back In Black Edition Features:
Black powder-coated steel tubing for high strength
Black color-to-the-core responsibly-sustainable wood
Hand-rubbed urethane clear coat on wood parts
Black vinyl-covered high-density foam cushions
Black hardware with ball-bearing pivot points
Rubber feet for stability
Monkey Rocker Solo™ Advantages:
Lightweight and compact (25 lbs)
No electricity or complicated setup
Completely silent operation ensures privacy
Thrusting is controlled entirely by you
Easily vary the sensation and speed
Perfect for anal play because it's so easy to control
No worry about unwanted pain or health risks

Sustainability is increasingly important, and you want to invest in pleasures and products that last. We're proud that our machine delivers strong, long-lasting pleasure with zero energy source: no batteries, no electical cords or control panels, just you!

The environmental friendliness of this product starts with its durability, which means you can expect it to offer a very long life. If the time does come to recycle it however, almost every part of it can be reclaimed to make new products, from the steel tubing and hardware that can be melted down to make more steel, to the wood parts that can be ground up to make other sustainable wood products.

The sustainable wood parts are CNC cut from a special engineered wood panel that is stronger, more beautiful than any we've ever used, and ecologically friendlier than whole wood boards. It is made from recycled wood fibers and parts of the tree that would otherwise be discarded. The wood fibers are combined under high heat and pressure with a black dyed resin that gives the resulting board a rich black color all the way through to the core. While still allowing the natural look of the wood fibers to show, it creates a warm and welcoming look.

In this increasingly chaotic, electronic world where satisfaction can be so fleeting, your Monkey Rocker Solo™ is stubbornly simple, absolutely analog, sustainably satisfying, and made to last.

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