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Back In Black Edition features:
Black powder-coated steel tubing for high strength
Black color-to-the-core responsibly-sustainable wood
Hand-rubbed urethane clear coat on wood parts
Black vinyl-covered high-density foam cushions
Black hardware with ball-bearing pivot points

Rubber feet for stability
Monkey Rocker Solo™ Advantages:
Lightweight and compact (25 lbs)
No electricity or complicated setup
Completely silent operation ensures privacy
Thrusting is controlled entirely by you
Easily vary the sensation and speed
Perfect for anal play because it's so easy to control
No worry about unwanted pain or health risks

You move. Your genuine Monkey Rocker Solo™ responds.

If you enjoy being sexually penetrated, attach your favorite toy to your Monkey Rocker Solo™ and enjoy the sensation of a partner who seems to read your mind about just how to move at every moment. Your toy is securely held, so you're in complete control of the action. Fast or slow, shallow or deep, every little move you make is magic.

Monkey Rocker Solo™ provides what usually requires a partner, but without the inconvenience or risk. Plus it provides the amount and duration of play that you want, and is content to be done when you are. You also get to choose how well-endowed your toy is, so you can enjoy whatever degree of fullness you prefer.

Smooth, silent, and so simple to enjoy! From the slightest movement to the hardest thrust, it rocks so easily your feet don't even have to touch the floor. Just shift your body and your Monkey Rocker Solo™ responds. There's virtually nothing to learn: move how you like and focus on your pleasure: Monkey Rocker Solo™ gives you what you want.

Monkey Rocker Solo™ caters to your preferences, too. Face the handle to feel like you're on top of and facing your partner, or turn around to feel more like sex from behind. Any way you want it, your Monkey Rocker Solo™ is ready and willing.

Whether it's the look, size, or feel of a certain dildo, or the great relationship you've already developed with it, you should get to keep playing with the toys you already like. To make it easy to incorporate old and new friends into your sex and fantasy life, Monkey Rocker Solo™ ships with a removable adapter to attach most toys with a hole in the base, as well as small, medium, and large o-rings to attach most flexible toys with a flared-base or balls.

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