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Monkey Rocker Solo™ Advantages:
Lightweight and compact (25 lbs)
No electricity or complicated setup
Completely silent operation ensures privacy
Thrusting is controlled entirely by you
Easily vary the sensation and speed
Perfect for anal play because it's so easy to control
No worry about unwanted pain or health risks

When I first imagined the sex rocker concept back in 2002, I had no way to know for sure how people would respond, or how broadly appealing this idea would be. But I was confident enough to make it and show it to the world.

The debut of the first version in 2004 inspired many imitators of varying quality and refinement. But none have come close to the level of quality, strength, and beauty I insist on for every genuine Monkey Rocker Solo.™

My machines may seem expensive when compared to cheap imitators, but when you invest in a genuine Monkey Rocker Solo™, you're investing in your own pleasure. I have lavished obsessive attention to detail on my design, resulting in a lustworthy machine of unmatched quality, durabiltity, and beauty.

If you care about your pleasure and have the means to invest in the original and still-finest sex rocker on the market, rest assured that your Monkey Rocker Solo™ will return dividends of pleasure for years to come.

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